Boxy or Slimline® contemporary roof lantern design?

Looking for the best lantern rooflight available? Finding one can be difficult – the word ‘contemporary’ gets banded around a lot of these days in the home improvement market, with more design orientated customers viewing Home improvement TV shows featuring more and more cool products with clean lines. So it’s no wonder many companies are jumping on the band wagon trying to cash in on this popular look calling their products contemporary or minimalistic, especially in the glazing market where the emphasis is on maximising natural light with slimmer glazing profiles.

There are a number of roof lantern systems all pertaining to have contemporary looks and claiming to be the ‘best lantern rooflight’, but pretty much all of these systems are traditional conservatory roof systems painted grey to give them a modern appearance. They still have chunky and clunky components with intrusive internal bolsters under the ridges and glazing bars that resemble the old fashioned timber roof lanterns.

These systems look out of place with the modern minimalistic projects currently in vogue in the UK. They block much of the natural light that we are trying to flood into our homes and many have cheap plastic end covers to finish off the powder coated aluminium ridges and glazing bars, detracting from the quality of a true aluminium roof system. Aluminium components are now widely accepted as the material choice for premium roof systems, PVC is associated with the budget systems on the market today.

Only one roof lantern system really deserves the true contemporary roof lantern badge, our Slimline® aluminium system features super slim, minimal aluminium glazing components which cleverly follow the glazing lines and keep close to their surface without boxy cappings. From the inside the finish is even neater, no chunky bolster profiles, simply minimal clean lines, out HIP bars protrude 3mm into the room. Take a look at this example of how much slimmer our glazing system is to others on the market today. Our Ridge is over 150% slimmer than any other aluminium kit form system on the market today.

Slimline® Contemporary Roof Lantern with clean lines and frameless glass for clean water run off. No chunky internal ridge or glazing bar bolsters.

With the super aesthetics that a stepped back painted glass unit achieves, water simply runs cleanly off the glass without hitting obstructive and unit seal damaging glazing end caps. Giving the perfect finish to the roof, when flashed up against the built in kerb and flashing lip, the glass roof lantern looks to be floating on the roof membrane, giving a very impressive, clean finish to the installation. Only Slimline® roof lanterns and rooflights feature this premium super contemporary look. So if you are looking for the best lantern rooflight, then look no further than the Roof Maker Slimline.