Tips For Choosing The Best Rooflight For Your Extension Or Renovation

The number of people choosing to renovate or extend their home has more than doubled over the last decade. Whether a loft conversion, kitchen diner extension or a full home renovation, total aesthetic control and offering a more cost-effective option than moving appears to be the driving force. Almost in parallel, the popularity of rooflights has skyrocketed. Roof lanterns and flat rooflights now play a key role in creating the wow factor in any home.

However, it’s easy to get swamped by choice with the wide variety of rooflights available. This can make it difficult to pinpoint the best rooflight for your needs. These tips will help you to choose the best rooflight for your project, or you can download our guide to the 15 things you need to know before choosing a rooflight.

Consider A Rooflight With A Frameless Design

Many add a rooflight to their home in order to increase the amount of natural light and brighten their interior. However, due to different frame thicknesses between products, the amount of light provided can differ hugely. This can be disappointing for those who spend thousands of pounds, only to achieve a dull result. To maximise the amount of light in your home a frameless design could be the best choice for your project. One option is the LuxliteTM®, which offers up to 49% more light than traditional designs.

Consider what else you want your rooflight to provide

A rooflight shouldn’t just be about light.  A rooflight with a low Ug-value should be top of your list if you’re aiming to create an environmentally friendly home. Look for rooflights with the lowest Ug-value as this indicates a better thermal efficiency. Some companies, such as Roof Maker, offer the option to build your fixed flat rooflight to Passive House standard.  This ensures it will meet a rigorous, voluntary standard for energy efficiency.

Ventilation is an important feature for rooflights that will be situated above a kitchen. If you have a flat roof, a large rooflight with an electronic opener means it could also work as an access point. This could provide your extension with another purpose, providing the flexibility to create a roof terrace or roof garden.

If Your Site Isn’t Easy To Access, Choose A Flatpack Option 

A large ready-made rooflight might not be suitable for your project if it needs to be installed in a difficult to access area. This could include a top floor apartment or a house with a narrow staircase. Instead, a rooflight with a flatpack option could be the best choice. This will enable the rooflight to be assembled at location, rather than risk it getting stuck or causing damage to your home en-route.

The Best Quality Rooflight 

It is often said that the quality of a product is reflected in the length of warranty that the manufacturer offers. If you’re looking for a rooflight that will last, choose one from the company which offers the longest the warranty. If you don’t, you might end up regretting your choice and needing to pay out more to maintain or replace your rooflight further down the line. Roof  Maker offers an industry leading,  20-year unit seal warranty for their products. Find out more about the range of rooflights that Roof Maker offer.