What Is a Modular Rooflight and Why Should I Choose One?

Rooflights are a fantastic way to allow more natural and feeling of space light into a room. Light and space are crucial elements of any home or living area, but if you are challenged with an unusual space, constrained by building regulations, or want to create a stand out feature in your home you might want to consider a modular rooflight.

Modular rooflights can be adapted to suit most spaces and any style of home, whether it be contemporary or traditional. Rather than have a dark space in your home, such as a hallway or corridor, modular rooflights can help to flood the area with light and create an instant wow.

What is a modular rooflight?

As its name suggests, a modular rooflight is basically a large rooflight made up of several smaller sections or panels.  Each panel is added using a minimal aluminium support, which strengthens the structure without compromising the light flow or stunning design of the rooflight.

Because they comprise separate panels of glass, modular rooflights can be constructed to extremely large sizes and offer almost unparalleled flexibility.  Just because modular rooflights are made up of several pieces doesn’t mean they are lacking in the insulation department — far from it.

Roof Maker’s Modular Rooflights are triple glazed with a stepped glass unit that supports excellent insulation properties.

You can choose the type of glass to best suit your particular room. Privacy can be a concern if you have an overlooked property, but a translucent coating can be applied to your roof window to stop people seeing in without compromising the available light. If you are positioning your rooflight in an area with maximum sun exposure, solar control glass is available to help maintain a comfortable temperature in the room. Electronically controlled blackout fabric blinds are also available, so you can have full control over when and how much light is able to enter your living space.

Why choose a modular rooflight?

You can use a modular rooflight in a number of different applications, enabling you to overcome a range of different design, access and build issues.

Because modular rooflights come in separate sections, they can be safely handled and installed by a small team. This makes them a particularly good choice when access is restricted, including properties with alleyways or those with no rear access at all.

A modular system means that rooflights 10 metres by 2 metres aren’t a problem, allowing you to create the illusion of a glass ceiling in your room.

Our modular rooflights are designed to be simple to install, allowing confident, DIY savvy homeowners to potentially fit them themselves.

You can see just how easy our modular rooflights are to install in this step-by-step video on the Roof Maker YouTube channel:

You really don’t need much in the way of tools, but we strongly advise that you have at least a couple of helpers. If you’ve got any doubts, get a professional to install the modular rooflight for you.

Every Roof Maker product comes with an unprecedented 20-year unit seal warranty and 0% finance is also available on our modular rooflights.

If you’ve got any questions about our modular rooflights, or any of our products for that matter, get in touch with us today on 0116 214 7661 or via our contact page.