Frequently Asked Questions

What is a U-value?

The U-value of a product measures how effective its insulation properties are. The lower the U-value, the better the insulation. As a guide, a standard double-glazed window typically has a U-value of 2.8 W/m². Our super insulating triple glazed units achieve a U-value of 0.6 W/m².

What is a thermal break?

A thermal break is a material with low thermal conductivity that is placed between two different conductive materials. Its job is to reduce or prevent the flow of thermal energy.

In our products, these thermal breaks include resin, silicone and styrofoam, which separate the conductive aluminium components to provide superb thermal insulation.

Will it be noisy if it rains?

Sound insulation is important when choosing a skylight product. There are four main factors that can limit rain noise:

  1. The number of panes of glass — noise levels are reduced with each additional pane
  2. The distance between the panes — the greater this distance, the better your sound insulation will be
  3. The thickness of each pane of glass — thicker panes absorb more noise
  4. How well your skylight is sealed against the roof. Many Roof Maker products are triple-glazed as standard with 6mm toughened safety glass and a generous 16mm gap between the panes.

Further insulation in the skylight’s structure help keeps rain noise to a minimum.

What if there is a power failure while my skylight is open?

The Roof Maker system features a manual override which will allow you to close the skylight.

What pitch should my flat-roof skylight be?

We recommend that Roof Maker flat skylights are installed with a minimum five degree pitch. This angle is enough to ensure that rain water will run off the surface of the skylight rather than pooling.

If your flat roof does not already have a five degree pitch, the angle will need to be created by using a small timber frame.

How can I get a price?

Simply visit the relevant product page and enter your required sizes for an instant price. All Slimline and Pyramid skylights are custom-made to your required sizes.

Our fixed flat rooflights and opening skylights are also available in ex-stock sizes for faster delivery.

What sizes should I measure?

The measurement we work from is the INTERNAL hole size — so measure the size of the hole.

For our opening Luxlite, please allow 130mm extra on both the length and the width when setting our your timber rafters.

If you want to leave the black aluminium frame of the skylight showing, then include finish plasterboard.

What is the largest size skylight you could make for me?

For our Slimline roof lanterns, we can go up to 2000m in width for a length up to 4000mm. For lengths between 4000mm and 6000mm, our maximum width is 1600mm. For units exceeding 6000mm in length, our maximum width is 1200mm.

Please note, larger roof lanterns do require the introduction of additional glazing bars.

We also offer the fixed flat rooflight as a modular product, please phone our sales team on the number at the top of this page for their advice on our maximum sizes.

Can I see your products in person?

Yes, our Leicester showroom welcomes both trade and residential customers. Here you can see our range of products and our manufacturing facilities.

Our experienced sales team will be on hand to answer any questions and demonstrate the product features, such as the manual or electric opening roof vents, which provide natural ventilation.

How quickly can I get my order delivered?

Bespoke products are usually delivered to your site within 10 working days.

You can usually get them a few days quicker if you choose to collect from our Leicester factory.

For super-fast delivery, choose from our ex-stock flat-roof and opening skylights, which can be delivered within 1–3 days.

Can I collect from you?

Yes, if you would prefer to collect direct from our Leicester factory, just let us know when you place your order.

What are your payment terms?

Payment terms for normal orders are strictly pro-forma, using Visa, Mastercard, bank transfer, WorldPay or Paypal.

Paying via Visa or Mastercard not only insures the product and your risk, but also gives you up to 60 days free credit, depending on which card you have.

For larger orders, or orders that do not require immediate delivery, we offer a 50% deposit option with the balance being due just prior to delivery or collection.