We pride ourselves on having the widest range of rooflights from a single manufacturer in the UK – our choice of frame and RAL colours, glass types and sizes is unparalleled.

At 20 years, we also offer the longest seal warranty you can get.

The connecting beams on our Slimline roof lanterns are also one of the slimmest on the market. Just watch our short comparison video to see this for yourself.

If you’re thinking of buying from someone else, you might want to ask them these 8 questions.

If you’re not sure which style, shape or specification of rooflight is right for your home, then the best thing to do is give us a call or use our innovative Rooflight Selector.

Or, if you want to read something at your leisure, you can download our free guide to choosing a rooflight.

Assembly is straightforward – and to show you how it is done we have produced three short videos (Note: these will open on the YouTube website or app)

Part 1: How To Install A Slimline® Roof Lantern

Part 2: How To Add A Split Bar To A Slimline® Roof Lantern

Part 3: How To Add An Opening Vent To A Slimline® Roof Lantern

The Ug-value of a product measures how effective its insulation properties are. The lower the Ug-value, the better the insulation. As a guide, a standard double-glazed window typically has a Ug-value of 2.8 W/m². Our super insulating triple glazed units achieve a Ug-value of 0.6 W/m².

A thermal break is a material with low thermal conductivity that is placed between two different conductive materials. Its job is to reduce or prevent the flow of thermal energy.

In our products, these thermal breaks include resin, silicone and styrofoam, which separate the conductive aluminium components to provide superb thermal insulation.

If you choose a manual opening vented Slimline, we’ll supply you with a pole which allows you to wind open the vent. This can extended to just over 1.5 metres in length, so if you are close to average height for an adult, then you should be able to reach the opening mechanism for your lantern at approximately 3.3 to 3.5 metres above the floor below.

If you need to install a lantern in a roof more than 3.5 metres from the floor below, we recommend upgrading to an electronically-operated version. This can also be integrated with climate control and rain-sensing options that can open or close the vent automatically depending on weather and temperature conditions.

If you are in any doubt about which option is best for you, just give us a call to discuss in more detail.

This depends on the type of rooflight that you choose. Our Acoustic Performance glazing is designed for optimum sound insulation, helping to minimise any rain noise.

Other factors that can limit rain noise include:

a) The number of panes of glass — noise levels are reduced with each additional pane

b) The distance between the panes — the greater this distance, the better your sound insulation will be

c) The thickness of each pane of glass — thicker panes absorb more noise

d) How well your skylight is sealed against the roof.

Many Roof Maker products are designed with these factors in mind. Being triple-glazed as standard with thick, 6mm toughened safety glass and a generous 16mm gap between the panes.

We recommend that Roof Maker flat skylights are installed with a minimum five degree pitch. This angle is enough to ensure that rain water will run off the surface of the skylight rather than pooling.

If your flat roof does not already have a five degree pitch, the angle will need to be created by using a small timber frame.

Simply visit the relevant product page and enter your required sizes for an instant price. All Slimline and Pyramid skylights are custom-made to your required sizes.

Our fixed flat rooflights and opening skylights are also available in ex-stock sizes for faster delivery.

The measurement we work from is the INTERNAL hole size — so measure the size of the hole.

For our opening Luxlite, please allow 130mm extra on both the length and the width when setting our your timber rafters.

If you want to leave the black aluminium frame of the skylight showing, then include finish plasterboard.

For our Slimline® roof lanterns can be built up to 2000mm in width with a corresponding length of 4000mm. For lengths between 4000mm and 6000mm, the maximum width is 1600mm. For units more than 6000mm in length, the maximum width is 1200mm.

The largest O-lite round rooflight we currently offer has a 1500mm diameter.

We also offer the fixed flat rooflight as a modular product, which features multiple panes of glass with minimal split bars. This is an ideal solution when you desire a flat rooflight but the span you want to cover is larger than what can be achieved with a single pane of glass.

Speak to our sales team on 0116 214 5839 for more information on bespoke sizing for your project.

Yes, our Leicester showroom welcomes both trade and residential customers. Here you can see our range of products and our manufacturing facilities.

Our experienced sales team will be on hand to answer any questions and demonstrate the product features, such as the manual or electric opening roof vents, which provide natural ventilation.

Bespoke products are usually delivered to your site within 10 working days.

You can usually get them a few days quicker if you choose to collect from our Leicester factory.

For super-fast delivery, choose from our ex-stock flat-roof and opening skylights, which can be delivered within 1–3 days.

Yes, we can make arrangements for our rooflights to be delivered outside of the UK for an additional cost.

We can also deliver to a UK port of your choice if you prefer to arrange your own shipping.

Please talk to your sales advisor for more details.

Yes, if you would prefer to collect direct from our Leicester factory, just let us know when you place your order.

Roof Maker offers two different payment options, depending on your order size. For most orders we take full payment upfront.

If your order is larger, or does not require immediate delivery, you can pay a 50% deposit at the time you place the order, then pay the remaining balance just before your product is delivered or collected.

You are entitled to our manufacturer’s warranty if you buy your product directly from Roof Maker.

All Reflex® and Reflex+ units are sold with a 20-year unit seal warranty. This means that if a unit seal fails within the 20-year period from purchase, it will be replaced free of charge.

Our rooflight systems are covered by a 10-year guarantee against discolouration, cracking, shape deterioration and component failure. The aluminium sections are guaranteed against bending, cracking and breakage under normal use, within normal environments.

All electrical items, such as motors, switches and rain sensor units, have a 1-year guarantee for replacement within that time period.

Yes, you can either fit our rooflights yourself or get them fitted by a builder. We have created fitting guidelines for our range of products, which you can download from the technical document hub

We recommend that you measure from the rafters. As there’s no roofing material here to cause an uneven surface, this should give you an accurate measurement. You can either take the roof pitch measurement from the rafter in the attic, the overhang of a rafter in the roof, or even a barge rafter at the side of the gable.

Position one end of a carpenter’s level against the underside of the rafter and adjust until the bubble is centred between the two lines. You’ll now need to find the 12-inch/30cm mark on the carpenter’s level. If yours doesn’t have markings then don’t worry; just measure it with a tape measure and draw on the 12-inch mark.

Now you need to measure the vertical distance from the carpenter’s level to the rafter. When you measure the distance from the 12-inch/30cm mark to the underside of the rafter, make sure your carpenter’s level stays in position.

Now you can work out your roof pitch, which is the ratio of rise to run.

According to building regulations, the maximum allowable Ug-value for windows, rooflights and glazed doors is 1.4 W/m²K.

We manufacture our rooflights using our own Reflex® Glass, a specialist UV and IR blocking glass with super insulating properties to reduce heat loss from the home. There are a variety of options within our Reflex® Glass range. Each option specifically targets energy efficiency, security, noise pollution or temperature control. Find out more about the glazing types that we offer.

Yes, you can choose between a satin black or satin grey frame for your rooflight at no extra cost.

Our Slimline® roof lanterns are also offered with a wider range of choice. This includes the option to have the internal side of the rooflight frame a different colour to the external side. You can also choose to have the frame in any specialist RAL colour.

Yes, we offer the option to add factory-fitted remote control black out blinds to your rooflight during your order. This means that if you want to control the amount of light coming into your home, you can either fully or partially close the blinds at the push of a button. The blinds are available in white or black.

Our blinds are fitted during the manufacturing process and cannot be retrofitted, so remember to enquire when you order your rooflight.

All of our opening rooflights can be fitted with a rain sensor.

The sensor will close the window automatically as soon as rain is detected.

Rain sensors come as standard on our hinged and slide opening flat rooflights, along with a remote control to open them automatically.

Our Luxlite pitched rooflights can be upgraded to incorporate a rain sensor or a remote control at an additional cost.