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Benefit from a manufacturer’s warranty

Buying direct from Roof Maker entitles you to our manufacturer’s warranty.

All Reflex® and Reflex+ double and triple-glazed units carry a 20-year unit seal warranty from the date of invoice.

A unit seal failure is indicated by internal condensation, or ‘misting up’ within the cavity, inside the sealed unit.

If a unit seal should fail within the 20-year period, it will be replaced free of charge, provided that:

  • The original glass unit is returned for a full in-house examination; and
  • The seals have not been damaged during fitting or glazed incorrectly.

Roof Maker has a credit-on-return policy, which means payment of the replacement glass unit is made first, then, if the faulty unit is returned and upon investigation it is agreed that a seal failure has occurred, a refund for the cost of the unit and delivery charge will be made.

In the event of a product failure, Roof Maker is responsible for replacing the faulty unit only and is not responsible for any other consequential costs.

Our skylight and roof lantern glazing systems are covered by a 10-year guarantee against discolouration, cracking, shape deterioration and component failure.

Please note that the glazing bars and aluminium frames are not covered if they have been subject to aggressive chemical cleaning of any sort.

Aluminium sections are guaranteed against bending, cracking and breakage under normal use, within normal environments.

Installation, sealing and waterproofing are not covered by the guarantee and are the responsibility of the installer or roofer.

Electrical items within the roof, such as motors, switches and climate control units have a 1-year guarantee, for replacement within that time period.

If a component fails within the guarantee period, we reserve the right to either repair the component or replace it. Consequential costs are not covered in any event. Our Standard Terms & Conditions of sale apply to all products supplied and are on the reverse of all invoices and delivery notes.