Roof Light Blinds

Complement your rooflight with a motorised blind.

Made-to-measure blinds

Transform your home with a blind that is tailor made to fit your rooflight.

Our range of made to measure blinds can be pre-fitted during manufacture of your rooflight, or retrofitted to an existing rooflight using our retrofit service. We offer two different blind fabrics to support different levels of shading, choose from dim-out or black-out.

Why add blinds to your rooflights?

Rooflights can deliver huge amounts of light into otherwise dark areas of a room. Blinds offer you the ability to control the amount of light and associated heat throughout the day. They also provide privacy if your rooflight is in an area that is overlooked.

  • Dim or block sunlight completely
  • Instant privacy if your room is overlooked
  • Reduce outside noise for a quieter and more peaceful home
  • Reduce heat loss on cold days
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Blind Options

Your blinds can be operated using a programmable remote control allowing you to extend the blinds fully or partially, so you can cover the whole rooflight or just a portion of it.

The blinds extend and retract using a three-cord system that keeps them taut and prevents any movement or sagging.

A choice of four fabric colours

The blinds are made from high quality pleated fabric and are available in four neutral colours.

snow colour blind swatch
latte colour blind swatch
oyster colour blind swatch
ash colour blind swatch

The best way to get a blind

New Rooflight

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Get a blind to accompany your new rooflight by adding it at the point of order

Existing Roof Maker Rooflight

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Have a new blind made for the exact dimensions of your existing rooflight

Retrofitting Service

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Talk to us about our retrofitting service - available on any rooflight

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you get blinds for roof lights?

Yes, at Roof Maker we offer a range of bespoke blinds for our roof lights and skylights. Our blinds are designed to provide additional privacy, light control, and insulation, while also adding an extra layer of style to your space.

Can you get blinds for roof lanterns?

Yes, at Roof Maker we offer a range of bespoke blinds for our roof lanterns.

Our bespoke blinds for roof lanterns are easy to operate, and can be fully integrated into your roof lantern. With our blinds, you can enjoy the perfect combination of natural light and privacy, while also improving the energy efficiency of your space.

How long will delivery of your rooflight blinds take?

Because our rooflight blinds are bespoke and made to order, our lead times will vary based on the specification that you choose. Please talk to our helpful Sales team to discuss lead times for your chosen product.

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Blinds installed under flat rooflight

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