Can my opening rooflight have rain or window sensors fitted?

Can my opening rooflight have rain or window sensors fitted?

An opening rooflight gives you two distinct benefits: natural daylight and fresh air. But what if it rains suddenly and you are not around to close it? And how can you be sure your rooflight is secure? You need an automatic rain sensor.

Optional Rain Sensors

Each opening rooflight in the Roof Maker range is available with an optional built-in rain sensor. The rain sensor will close the window automatically as soon as rain spots are detected.

So, if you haven’t noticed it’s raining or you don’t have immediate access to the controller, the rain sensor will do it for you.

Window sensors work with your alarm system.

Roof Maker rooflights are designed to be robust and secure. For your added security and peace of mind, your rooflight can be fitted with a third party window sensor, which will link to your security system. Please note, we don’t currently supply window sensors as an upgrade, but they are available from 3rd party vendors.

If the rooflight is opened while the security system is equipped, the sensor will send a signal to the main control panel and the alarm will sound.

How do window sensors work?

Most window sensors comprise two pieces. One piece attaches to the rooflight frame and the other to the opening window.

When the rooflight is closed, the two component parts should sit next to each other. If the rooflight should open, the two parts will separate from each other and this will
activate the alarm.

The sensors can be wired into the alarm system or run wirelessly using batteries. If you choose the battery option, you should check the batteries regularly to make sure they are not low on power.

How do the sensors attach to the rooflight?

The sensors can be fixed with adhesive, but some adhesives can break down over time — or as a result of exposure to humidity and the sun.

Are other sensors available?

You could also consider installing a shatter sensor. This infra-red sensor is triggered by the sound and vibrations of the window breaking.

For further advice, talk to the experts.

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