Setting the right pitch for your flat rooflight

Setting the right pitch for your flat rooflight

If you’re wondering “What pitch should my flat rooflights be?”, we recommend that our flat rooflights are installed with a minimum five-degree pitch to comply with building regulations and help preserve your rooflight and property.

The pitch is important because it allows rain or standing water to drain from the roof, which works in partnership with our easy-clean coating to keep your rooflight looking perfect for longer. And, or course, if you’ve chosen an opening rooflight, this pitch will help prevent water dropping down into your property if you open it before standing water has had chance to evaporate.

If you don’t have a pitch and your rooflight is completely flat (or at a pitch of less than five degrees) rainwater will pool instead of running off into drainpipes or gutters. Once the pooled water evaporates, it can leave dirt behind which can stain the glass.

Creating a five-degree pitch

If your flat roof doesn’t have a pitch of five-degrees or more , then the angle will need to be achieved by creating a small timber frame. It doesn’t cost much to construct and is relatively easy to do. You, or your installer, will just need to make sure it is of the correct size and has the required pitch built into it, from front to back, so water runs off it easily.

Our flat rooflight installation videos show how it can be done. Or, perhaps you’d like to read more about our innovative approach to rooflight design.

Don’t forget – unlike some of our competitors, our rooflights also have an Easy Clean nano coating which encourages dirt to run off rather than stick to the glass.

For further advice, talk to the experts

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