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A four bed Victorian terrace with an old kitchen and dated textured wallpaper won their hearts and has allowed them to renovate it into their dream home. After a recommendation from their architect and some research on Instagram the couple were clear they wanted three triple glazed Luxlite® rooflights. The frameless view from the inside meant they could maxmise the light and have an uninterrupted view.


With a definite renovation plan, the couple applied for planning permission after two or three weeks of moving in. They liked the idea of gutting the property and really making the house their home. The side extension return was the largest part of the renovation plan but they also added a bathroom to the loft area to create a contemporary guest room and have recently finished the garden.

Choosing three large Luxlite® pitched rooflights created the aesthetic they wanted and maximised the natural light to create a bright and modern space used for entertaining and daily living. Clare had found that hosting friends and family was a challenge in their previous home as the guests were in a different room due to the small separate kitchen. Referring to the completed extension, Charlie commented “…we are pretty much in here all day…in the summer we can have the doors open and live both inside and out and feel like it’s one space.”

Large Luxlite pitched skylight above dining area
Bristol case study


With regards to the rooflights Charlie noted “We had quite a clear idea, we wanted a frameless look to maximise the light.” After discussing the requirements with their architect, she recommended Roof Maker and sent a direct link to the Luxlite®. They appear frameless from the inside which means more glass and more light compared to a framed rooflight.

Bristol case study exterior
Bristol case study

Charlie liked the fact the rooflights are well insulated and thermally efficient as the couple had discussed creating a glass roof with their architect, but they had reservations about the ongoing energy costs and overall aesthetic. The Luxlite® rooflight was the perfect solution. Clare researched the inspiration images on the Roof Maker Instagram account, which gave them an idea of how much light would be added to their home.

The Luxlite® rooflights arrived on time and the communication was great from the initial quote to delivery day. After the builder installed them Clare and Charlie could really see the ‘wow’ factor.

Large Luxlite pitched skylight above kitchen area


Clare and Charlie are thrilled with the result and love the open plan space they have created. Clare commented “I think natural light is so important in general…even on a cloudy day, in here, it’s still bright.” The couple really enjoy starting each morning in the renovation enjoying the sunlight. The biggest surprise was when all the work was completed as they just couldn’t believe that this was their home.

Looking up through Luxlite pitched skylight to blue sky
Two Luxlite pitched skylights installed on roof

The renovation had challenges, the couple found they had to live with dirt and dust for several months and washed dishes in the bath at one point. With the cost of materials rising so dramatically (some items such as the floor tiles had doubled in price) they often had to make quick decisions and order items before the builder needed them.

Charlie has learnt planning and preparation is key, try and stick to the plan and not keep changing your mind. They would advise anyone taking on a renovation to ask for an itemised quote from your builder before starting, they would have found that helpful.

Luxlite pitched skylight installed on roof


✅ Made to measure in our factory in Leicestershire
✅ Constructed using triple glazed insulated glass units, with superior thermal efficiency and an outstanding Ug-value as low as 0.6w/m2k
✅ Available in your choice of RAL frame colours
✅ Available with a variety of glass types and tints
✅ We deliver anywhere in the UK mainland

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