Quorn, Leicestershire
Wall Abutment Rooflight

Brett Harding bought one of the lovely old properties that line the winding streets of Quorn, intending to completely renovate and modernise the property.


Triple Glazed Wall Abutment Rooflight

As the builders got started, they found an old cellar with a coal chute. How many of these wonderful features of old properties have been bulldozed over or stripped out we shall never know, but Brett had other ideas for his new home.

The Challenge

Coal cellars are great for storing coal, but they are by design dark spaces without natural light, and they certainly weren’t designed for living in, even in Victorian times. To make the cellar habitable, it needed natural light, and a rooflight was the obvious answer. But this coal chute was surrounded by a brick wall, and the rooflight needed to be made to fit the exact measurements as well as abut against the brick wall.

Luckily for Brett, his new house was a mere 10 miles from our HQ and factory in Thurmaston. We were able to offer Brett our Wall Abutment rooflight, which we designed for a more common garage extension, but which works perfectly for cellars with coal chutes as it turns out. The fact that Roof Maker can make to measure to the exact dimensions of the aperture meant that Brett could maximise the amount of precious natural light coming into the cellar. The abutment feature of the rooflight meant that the rooflight can sit right up to the wall, without the need for the usual half metre gap between the wall and the rooflight.

Quorn Case Study - Abutment Rooflight
Quorn Case Study - Abutment Rooflight

The Result

One very happy teenage daughter with her own basement bedroom, with warm sunlight shining down rather than a shower of coal. A dark cellar turned into a lovely, practical room. To modernise the room even more, Brett and his daughter have surrounded the room with coloured LED lights which can be seen from the street, and has become the talk of the village.

Quorn Case Study - Abutment Rooflight
Quorn Case Study - Abutment Rooflight

The Verdict

The Wall Abutment rooflight has totally transformed the space for Brett and gives his family a new room that adds a unique statement and story to the property.

“I think it was one of the best things I did, this has definitely added a lot of value to the property, it’s made a real difference to the house.” Brett Harding

From the outside of the property, the rooflight fits perfectly with the style of the house and adds an interesting feature in its kerb appeal.

At night, the rooflight becomes the talk of the village as the colour changing LEDs shine through the rooflight and passers-by can enjoy an ambient lightshow.

What you need to know

• Abutment rooflights must be installed at a 5-10 degree pitch, against a vertical wall
• Made to measure in our factory in Leicestershire
• Constructed using triple glazed insulated glass units, with superior overall thermal efficiency and an outstanding Ug-value as low as 0.6w/m2k
• Available in anthracite grey or black
• Available in landscape or portrait orientation
• We deliver anywhere in the UK mainland

Quorn Case Study - Abutment Rooflight
Quorn Case Study - Abutment Rooflight