Price Match Promise

At Roof Maker, we’re confident that our products represent the most technologically advanced and competitively priced rooflights that the industry has to offer – so much so that if there’s an equivalent product that meets the same exacting standards and performance we set ourselves but at a lower price, we’ll match it.

How do we set fair prices for our Roof Maker products?

We’re proud of all the products we design and sell from Roof Maker, because each one is built bespoke to bring you the best performance, quality and value. We regularly benchmark all our products against others in the market to make sure we offer the most competitive prices.

How do we compare prices?

First we need to be sure that the product is identical or better in its technical performance than the comparable Roof Maker rooflight or door.

To qualify for the Price Match Promise, the competitor whole product U-value must be the same or lower than the comparable Roof Maker product. U-values are crucial – the lower the U-value, the better it is at preventing heat loss.

Our team also needs to be satisfied that the product is the same size and style of rooflight.

What if you do find a lower price elsewhere?

You can make a price match request if:

  • You find the same product for sale but at a lower price from a high street competitor (either in store or online) and sold with the same service conditions. Auction sites are excluded from this offer
  • The price is found within 7 days of getting a quote from Roof Maker’s sales team or website
  • The price excludes delivery and installation costs
  • You haven’t ordered from us yet. Once you’ve made a purchase from Roof Maker, the Price Match Promise offer no longer applies.

Submitting a price match request is really easy – just let us know by calling our customer service line on 0116 269 6297.

If our team agrees with your request, we’ll happily match the price when you buy the product from us.

When you present your evidence please make sure:

  • That the price and rooflight specification are visible. This can take the form of a screenshot from a competitor website or a formal quote in the form of a PDF document (auction sites are excluded from this offer)
  • That the price applies to the original rooflight product that you were initially quoted for by our sales team or via the online website.


Our rooflights also come with a 20-year unit seal warranty giving you a guaranteed peace of mind. See our Warranty page for full details.