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Ever imagined being able to create one of those breath-taking rooms with ceilings made of glass?

Something unique to you, created from your imagination? This is how you can do it…

In search of unique

Light and space are crucial elements of any home or living area. Sometimes the way you are constrained by building regulations or space to extend, means the concept of being able to install a ‘glass ceiling’ not only solves a big problem, but also creates a beautiful feature.

We can help you create contemporary or traditional designs, exactly suited to the space or building you are working with.

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Modular rooflight

What is a modular rooflight system?

Standard flat rooflights consist of a single glass panel. The size of the glass panel can vary, but it is limited to the size that can be manufactured.

The modular system allows you to create a larger design by joining glass panels together in a line. Each panel is added to the line using a minimal steel support, which strengthens the structure without compromising the flow of light.

Modular rooflights can be combined in many different configurations, creating distinctive hand-crafted solutions for buildings old and new.

Why should you consider modular?

There are a number of reasons that people opt for a modular approach. If you are challenged with an unusual space, constrained by building regulations or perhaps just want to create something really different or unusual, the flexibility of the system lends itself to solving most design and build issues.

Modular rooflights have a minimal steel frame, which maximises the size of the window area to let in more natural light. A classic design with clean lines makes the windows suitable for residential and commercial properties both old and new. Combined in a modular format, by using supporting splits you can create roof windows up to 10 metres long, and 2 metres wide.

See how easy it is to install a Roof Maker Modular rooflight

Long modular rooflight

Creating the look you want

Using our modular system means you can cover a large roof area – far larger than with standard rooflights. Modular rooflights sit flat to your roof and are barely visible at ground level.

They let in a huge amount of light without needing height as many other rooflight designs do. This means if you are installing them underneath another window, perhaps an upstairs bedroom you won’t have the problem of blocking the light or view from that room. In addition, this can help with buildings regulation approvals where there are restrictions on height or structure.

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“We didn’t want a standard extension, we wanted something unique, we wanted something different, and that’s where Roof Maker came in.”

Hear from 2 of our happy customers, who used our modular rooflights to create a truly unique extension.

The Roof Maker promise

Our focus on research, development and testing means our modular rooflights are constructed using the most advanced technologies available. This includes triple glazing as standard, the industry’s lowest Ug-value of 0.2 and a range of glass options that help you save money on energy bills by minimising heating, cooling and lighting costs.

Why are Ug-values important?

If you are going to replace a roof area with glass, you will need to consider how you maintain the heat that a roof structure would have provided. We design and build all our products to achieve the highest Ug-Values on the market, so you benefit from the warmth you need. Having this quality assurance means in the long-run you save money on energy bills, as the heat you are paying for is retained and won’t escape through the glass as it will with lower UV rated windows. Choosing a solar glass option will stop the sun’s rays over heating your room on warm days and also stop your furniture from fading.

Triple glazed glass as standard

We are renowned for our Reflex® glass which we manufacture to the highest standards. All our units are available with triple-glazed, 6mm toughened safety glass. They feature two 16mm, argon-filled cavities separated by a foam spacer. This structure is designed to improve thermal insulation, to reduce heat loss, and also acts to significantly reduce noise pollution.

Easy clean glass as standard

Our distinctive frameless design maximises light and self-cleaning glass means your rooflight will stay looking as good as the day it was installed, particularly important for high inaccessible areas. We add an invisible durable coating to the glass which means dirt and other particles are washed clear. It also protects the glass itself from discolouration. We’ve also developed a unique frame design that allows those particles to be flushed away from the glass area, so you won’t get any build-up of dirt or debris.

Marine-grade coating

Designed to withstand the worst conditions any climate can throw at it, our marine-grade powder coating offers exceptional durability and weatherproofing.

Guarantees and certification

Everything we do is backed by the latest industry certificates and accreditations so you can be assured we have everything you need covered.

We are the only manufacturer who provides a 20-year unit seal warranty, assurance that you will always have the ‘built to last’ durability and performance you expect. Our manufacturer’s warranty guarantees the unit seals for 20 years and provides 10-year cover for the glazing system and aluminium sections. Full details can be found in our warranty section.

0% Finance Now Available

We can also offer you a simple way to spread the cost of home renovations and improvements.

We realise that the cost of building work can often mount up. Which is why we have teamed up with Omni Capital to provide you with a flexible finance product, allowing you to pay for the cost of our order over 12 simple monthly payments, with as little as a 10% deposit. Read more about our new payment option.


Simple installation: Your builder won’t have to fit it – we do all the delivery and expert installation for you if you prefer, everything is included in the price we quote you. We use a smart flat pack system for installation, so there’s no requirement to pay for extra lifting equipment.

Your rooflight will need to be flashed following installation with your chosen roof membrane or a separate flashing kit. Find out more by reading the installation guide in the Technical Document Hub

Peace of mind

Each roof glazing solution is delivered with a special prefabricated flashing ensuring a perfect fit with 100% water tightness, and because of the way we have designed the glass units, we guarantee you won’t get condensation.

So, before you make your mind up, give us a call. We’ll take the time to explain everything you need to know, from the basics to the highly technical. Our expert team are on-hand to provide you with all the impartial advice you need to help you choose the very best solution for your project.

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Why choose Roof Maker

  • Roof Maker designs, manufactures and supplies the best rooflights you can buy
  • Specialists in the design and manufacture of rooflights for over 17 years
  • Industry leading 20-year unit seal warranty
  • Best energy ratings on the market today
  • Precision ‘hand-made’ manufacturing process
  • Best in class for value, quality and price-performance
  • Advanced technological design, driven by research and development roadmap
  • Breadth of engineering capability with standard and bespoke options
  • Skilled, trained staff able to provide expert advice for trade and consumers
  • The only flat rooflight in the world to be awarded Passivhaus certification
  • Stunning looks with no visible frame
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Up to 50% more light than other leading rooflight brands
  • Short lead times
  • Delivered anywhere in the UK
  • British company