The Correct Pitch for Flat Rooflights

The Correct Pitch for Flat Rooflights

Just how flat is your flat roof? It may sound like a silly question, but knowing the pitch angle of a roof is critical when it comes to fitting a flat rooflight. You need to make sure you have the correct pitch for flat rooflights

If a flat rooflight is fitted completely level, or at zero degrees pitch, then rain water will soon pool. Overtime, when this water slowly evaporates it will leave behind any impurities found naturally in the rainwater. This will inevitably result in dirty and possibly even stained glass. With the correct planning, this can be very easily avoided.

To ensure you’re using the correct pitch for flat rooflights, we recommend that ours are installed with a minimum of five degrees pitch. This angle is enough to ensure that any rain water will not pool on the rooflight. Instead, a five degree angle is enough to encourage run-off before any larger pools of water can form. This can be achieved in two ways…

Flat roofs are often built with a slight pitch for drainage purposes. This is because there is a risk of the membrane being damaged when any pooled water freezes. If this is the case, and the flat roof has been built with a pitch greater or equal to five degrees then you can proceed with a standard installation.

If however, the roof itself does not have at least a five degree pitch then a larger angle will have to be created. This can very simply be achieved with a small timber frame.

In addition, at Roof-Maker we coat every single glass unit we manufacture in our factory with an Easy Clean nano coating. This acts as a non-stick coating, which actually encourages dirt and dust to run off the surface of the glass with every rain fall.

So, with a combination of a correct installation pitch and our Easy Clean glass coating, your Roof-Maker rooflight will look clean and fresh for many years to come.