Protect your investment with Easy Clean glass

Protect your investment with Easy Clean glass

Why do you need easy clean glass? Because every surface is eventually subjected to dirt and weathering, especially surfaces that are exposed to the outside elements.

Air pollution from traffic is especially a concern for unprotected glass. Just like rust on metal, the surface can become corroded and contaminated, damaging its appearance and increasing its maintenance.

Glass appears smooth to the touch and eye but if you look at the glass under a microscope, the surface reveals a different story. That it is not smooth but made up of tiny potholes and crevices which gather contaminants both organic and inorganic.

This ongoing surface deterioration makes it harder to clean the glass over time, with eventual reduced visibility and sometimes staining. When glass is freshly manufactured it comes straight out of the various processes completely clean but with unprotected surface that is open to the environments for contamination. Unless this is shielded straightaway during the glass unit manufacturing process the glass surface will start to be attacked and deteriorate, especially after it leaves the factory. It is vital that this protection is done before it arrives on site for fitting in order to form a barrier against alkaline chemicals, pollution and organic contaminants such as bird mess and tree sap.

Every single glass unit we manufacture in our factory is protected on the external rain surface with an invisible Easy Clean glass ‘nano coating’. After this has cured, this unique polymer glass protection chemically bonds into the pitted surface of the glass to form a permanent UV stable, cross-linked chemical bond. This super strong and durable shield creates a non-stick surface, promoting dirt run off with rain fall and protecting the glass from stains and corrosion, helping to keep it looking new and fresher looking just like the day it left the factory.

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