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How To Plan The Perfect Kitchen Extension

by Roof Maker

Thoughtful planning is key

Often considered the heart of the home, Kitchens have undergone a significant transformation in recent years. Homeowners have chosen to focus on seamlessly integrating the kitchen into a multifunctional area. With careful planning and consideration it is possible to plan the perfect kitchen extension. Here are our tips to get your started:

1. Space Utilisation

A spacious open-plan kitchen is desirable, but it is crucial to optimise the space cleverly. Don’t focus on minimising the extension size, consider the purpose of the space and what needs to function in there. Collaborate with your architect and discuss the use of the space in detail. They will produce scaled drawings with furniture placement, appliances, cupboards, windows, rooflights, doors etc. This will help you imagine the final result and understand if it will work for you.

Slimline roof lantern above kitchen
how to plan the perfect kitchen extension

2. Ventilation Solutions

With an emphasis on open-plan designs, addressing potential concerns like cooking smells becomes important. Incorporating effective ventilation solutions, such as an opening rooflight, ensures a pleasant environment. This not only prevents lingering odors but also helps disperse steam and heat during cooking, maintaining thermal comfort and fresh air circulation.

We offer opening rooflight options for flat and pitched roofs; Slimline® Lantern, Hinged-opening flat rooflight and Luxlite® pitched rooflight.

Read our blog ‘Bringing the outdoors in: how rooflights boost indoor air quality and natural light’ to understand the benefits of fresh air.

3. Create an abundance of light

Natural light remains a key element in creating an inviting and spacious atmosphere. While windows and glazed doors contribute, consider introducing a rooflight to flood your kitchen extension with sunlight. Opt for a contemporary frameless design like the Luxlite® pitched rooflight, known for channelling more light compared to traditional wooden-framed rooflights. When viewed from the inside, the glass is flush edge to edge and all you see is light.

Conservation rooflights above kitchen

4. Create a timeless aesthetic

It is easy to get carried away with the latest trends and whilst they may be aesthetically pleasing it is worth remembering that not every trend will suit your home, lifestyle and budget. Only embrace a trend if you love it and it works within the space. Read our blog post for inspiration on how to incorporate rooflights into your homes design aesthetic.

5. Consider all extension styles

Depending on your house design and budget will influence your choice of extension, consider all options to ensure you are maximising the space to ensure you can design your perfect kitchen extension.

  • Side Return Extension: Ideal for widening a narrow kitchen, incorporating a dining area. Enhance the aesthetics with a pitched roof and complementary rooflights.
  • Wrap-around Extension: Perfect for those who desire both a side return and a larger living space. This extension literally wraps around the side and rear of your home.
  • Pitched or Flat Roof Rear Extension: A pitched roof offers longevity with less maintenance, while a flat roof extension is a cost-effective alternative. Don’t forget to include a rooflight, whether in the form of a flat rooflight or a roof lantern.
Large Luxlite pitched skylight above kitchen area
Enfield Case Study - Luxlite

If you are struggling for inspiration then take a few minutes to review our customer case studies, our customers have completed an impressive variety of different projects and extension sizes.

Roof Maker’s range includes premium rooflights designed and manufactured in-house. This means they can be made to bespoke sizes and customised to your customers’ specifications.

Products are packaged and delivered by our experienced team, so you can rest assured, all the components will be provided and your rooflights will arrive in perfect condition.

For more information, visit our product pages, call our experts on 0116 269 6297 or email [email protected].

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