Case Studies

Case Study | Enfield

September 12, 2019

Luxlite® rooflights have transformed a London Victorian property with an abundance of light.

Despite the property having been renovated by former owners, homeowners Ian and Ismeta undertook a significant renovation of their new London home by changing the layout of the property to create a consistent flow throughout and upgrade the internal fittings.

Despite the earlier renovation, the four-bedroom semi-detached property in Enfield was still in dire need of repair and modernisation – all of the doors were rotten and crumbling, the windows were painted or nailed shut and the boiler and radiators were all faulty.

Having previously lived in central London, having their own usable outdoor space was very important to Ian and Ismeta. However, the configuration of the property had meant the garden access was through the lounge or side entrance, and the garden was only visible in the kitchen through a small window.

To transform the property into a spacious and contemporary home, a rear and side extension were added which allowed the couple to create a bright open plan downstairs kitchen and living area that would be a focal point of the house – somewhere the couple could entertain and relax in whilst feeling connected to the outdoor space.

Speaking of the renovation, Ian said: “Having lived in central London for more than 12 years, we moved to the Enfield area five years ago so that we could gain more space, both inside and outside. When we viewed our property for the first time we could see it had potential, but that it would require work to turn it into our dream home.

“The house sits within a conservation area, which meant that the planning application was much more rigorous and took longer than expected. However, we enlisted the help of Sue Gilbert Property Associates to project manage the renovation, which was invaluable for helping to navigate the conservation area requirements and oversee the completion.”

Ian and Ismeta wanted to fill the house with as much natural light as possible, which was achieved through the use of Crittal doors and rooflights in the kitchen and bathroom extension. Johnny Lovett, Director of Parkwood Builders who was responsible for the building work, advised the couple chose Roof Maker and opted for three 2000 x 1200m Roof Maker Luxlite rooflights, which were chosen for the high quality and ease of installation.

Commenting on the rooflights, Ian said: “From inside the rooflights are almost frameless and provide a seamless, clean and neat finish, which complements the crisp white walls and ceilings. We’re particularly impressed with the rooflight in the bathroom, which gives an ever-changing picture of the sky whilst you’re in the shower, whether it’s pouring with rain or a bright summer’s day.”

The transformation of the Victorian semi-detached detached house, which was the couple’s second renovation project, took approximately six months to complete.

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Case Study | Rutland

June 20, 2019

When Rutland based property developer and designer, Ash Design, spotted an opportunity to transform an out-dated property in Oakham, its founder Ash Miles Dennis jumped at the chance to reconfigure the layout and bring the design into the 21st century.

The three-bedroom terraced property, which is located in the picturesque market town of Oakham, had no central heating system and was in dire need of modernisation to showcase its full potential as the perfect home for a young, growing family.

Ash completely gutted the property and added a single-story rear extension to create a large contemporary open plan downstairs living area and converted the loft space. However during the initial stages of the renovation, the rear extension caused some issues, as engineers advised using a large steel post in the middle of the extension to provide structural support, which would have disrupted the seamless flow of the space.

Speaking of the build, Ash Miles Dennis Managing Director at Ash Design said: “When we first saw the property it was liveable but in desperate need of an interior makeover so we took it back to bare brick to create a completely new house within the old shell.

“We were determined to make our vision of creating a wow-factor extension a reality and were unwilling to compromise on having a steel post in the centre. We worked closely with the structural engineers to come up with an alternative solution, which involved a lot of steel beams, to create an amazing space that seamlessly opens out into the courtyard.”

To blur the division between the inside and outside of the property, the brick wall of the kitchen extension was continued into the courtyard and high-end porcelain floor tiles were used throughout to create a large continuous space – perfect for the warmer summer months.

It was important to allow an abundance of natural light to flood into the extension, which was achieved through the specification and installation of a large bifold door and Roof Maker Slimline® roof lantern.

Ash commented: “I have installed Roof Maker rooflights in Rutland on a number of properties, including my own home, due to the sleek design of their products which offer maximum glazing with a minimal frame. We installed a 3.5m x 1.5m Slimline® roof lantern for this property and particularly like the ultra slim aluminium glazing bars which complement the contemporary interior design. We opted for the blue tint glazing option to help protect the furniture and porcelain tiles from bleaching in the harsh glare of the sun, giving the new homeowners peace of mind.”

The project took six months to complete, with a budget of £100,000, and transformed the property into a contemporary family home designed to meet the needs of modern day life and provide the perfect all-year-round entertaining space.


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Case Study | Sussex

May 8, 2019

Sharon Hornsby, founder of the category award-winning interior design and styling blog Hornsby Style, has undertaken significant interior and exterior renovations of her property in the picturesque village of Cuckfield, in Sussex, to create a unique family home that really stands out from the crowd.

The nineteenth century property, which was formally a garage and mechanics apartment to the nearby manor house, was transformed from a dark and gloomy three-bedroom house to a light and stylish five-bedroom family home.

Previously featuring a tired interior and unpractical layout, Sharon and her husband Jim added a single-story rear extension across the width of the house and extended over the flat roof to create two additional bedrooms.

Sharon reconfigured the downstairs layout of the house and created a spacious open plan sitting area off the kitchen, visible from the entrance hall. With this in mind, one of the key influences when designing the space was to allow an abundance of natural light to flood the property, which Sharon achieved with the innovative use of roof glazing.

She chose a fixed flat rooflight at 2m x 1m, from rooflight manufacturer Roof Maker, for the internal open plan area that otherwise had no other light source.

Speaking of the transformation, Sharon said: “When we first viewed our house we were looking at it as a renovation project so we knew we would be changing it a lot. One of the first things that struck us was how dark and gloomy it was and I knew bringing lots of natural light in was going to be a big part of the project.

“I had seen Roof Maker roof lights in a home interior magazine and having done a lot of research online it seemed that they offered all the features I desired for the most competitive price. I wanted to open up the space and let in as much natural light as possible, leading me to choose Roof Maker’s fixed flat rooflight, which doesn’t have a chunky frame like many of the other options available.

“The difference the roof light has made is honestly staggering. Jim initially said we didn’t have money in the budget for the rooflight but I was adamant we were going to have it and I’m so pleased I stood my ground as our home just wouldn’t have the same amount of natural light giving an open, airy feel without it.”

Sharon styled the open plan space with a statement velvet sofa, large cosy rug and an array of statement wall prints and hanging plants, so opted for Roof Maker’s Solar Performance glazing to help protect the furniture and flooring from bleaching in the harsh glare of the sun.

Sharon finished: “I absolutely love laying on the sofa looking at the sky through the rooflight, it’s such a relaxing place to be whether its chasing clouds or looking at the stars. The use of glazing has made the internal part of the house even more special.”

Are you considering looking for rooflights in Sussex or roof lantern for your home anywhere in the UK? If you are, call Roof Maker on 0116 269 6297. Our rooflight experts will help you to choose the right solution for your needs. Alternatively, visit our showroom or get a quote online.

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Case Study | Hackney House

March 19, 2019

When London based architecture studio, Loud. Architecture & Interior Design, was approached to transform a run-down property in Stoke Newington, its founder Kate Clare jumped at the chance to not only bring the property’s construction and design into the 21st Century, but to also pay homage to Hackney’s industrial history.

The Victorian-era property located in the centre of the leafy green borough of Hackney had been left in ruin for a number of years, requiring dire need of modernisation to transform the space into a bright dwelling with captivating design features for a young, growing family.

An extension was added to both the rear and side of the property to align with the neighbouring property’s extension and was angled from the neighbour’s wall back to meet the house in a sympathetic way.

Speaking of the build, Kate Clare Managing Director at Loud. Architecture & Interior Design said: “Our brief was to design a property that had a hard appearance on the outside, which was in keeping with the dark extensions that have been erected along the rear elevations of Kersley Road, whilst also creating a softer more playful feel inside that maximised the amount of natural light available.”

The thermally broken dark grey doors blend into the charred timber cladding of the extension to create a visual unity when the on-trend Crittal style steel doors are closed, whilst also being a nod to Hackney’s industrial past.

This manufacturing influence can be seen throughout the exterior and interior of the home, delicately balanced by the influx of soft lighting that inundates the property to offset the bold dark appearance of the rear façade. This was achieved through the specification and installation of windows and rooflights throughout the extension to not only maximise as much natural light into the property as possible, but also provide adequate ventilation. Three Roof Maker Luxlite™ roof windows were installed in the rear extension, as well as a Fixed Flat Rooflight for the corridor between the extension and existing property.

Kate commented, “Roof Maker’s Luxlite™ roof windows were chosen for the extension due to the sleek design of the rooflights as they offer maximum glazing with a minimal frame, offering a flush appearance when facing the property from the garden. The rooflights offer an impressive U-value, combined with aluminium frames to offer exceptional heat insulation, whilst the mechanical opening helps with ventilation, which is ideal for a kitchen area.”

In total the project took eight months to complete, with Kate and the owners working closely together throughout the entire process to create a unique family home designed to meet the wide ranging needs of modern day life. The contemporary, quirky interior touches add a sense of the owner’s personality, from the chequerboard encaustic entrance tiles to strategically placed pocket doors to capitalise on all available space.

Kate concluded: “This was a really unique project to work on and it was a pleasure to be part of transitioning the home from a tired, dilapidated property into a modern, fun family home.  It was essential that we offered a balance between the harsh materials and style of the industrial influences, which was perfectly offset by the abundance of natural light and nature inspired designs.”

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Case Study | Butterhills

November 29, 2018

Hidden within the 30-acre site of Butterhills in the North of Devon, the beautiful Linhay has been rescued from a state of ruin.

Butterhills is owned by Nick and Caroline Welch who live there with their two teenage children. Nick’s grandparents bought the land and dwelling that makes up Butterhills in the 1930s, where Nick and Caroline decided to make the beautiful valley, meadows and woods their home in 1989.

When deciding what to do with the ruins of a Linhay in the Butterhills wood, the initial plan was to prevent further deterioration by converting it into an open camping barn for friends and family to use. But following redundancy, Nick and Caroline decided to develop it into an off-the-grid holiday let to provide a source of sustainable income for the family.

Many people would have simply demolished the fragmented, unloved shell, to start from scratch. But Nick and Caroline have lovingly converted it into a stunning, environmentally friendly cottage. Accessed via a cart track, the Linhay’s location gives a feeling of total seclusion whilst being a 10-minute drive from the bustling village of Braunton

The project started in 2014, with materials sourced locally from the surrounding environment. Oak trees in the Butterhills wood were felled and milled to provide the roof timbers. The stonework in the main section of the Linhay was repointed and restored – inside and out – with lime mortar. A contrasting modern extension was also added to the side of the building, to create a shower room.

Nick, a Building Services Engineer by trade, had the skillset to introduce the sustainable water supply, plumbing and the solar electrics. The shower room is a great example of his talents. The project is off grid with no mains electricity, so it was essential to gain as much natural light as possible in the shower room. A rooflight was the perfect answer.

Caroline, who took responsibility for the Linhay’s interior design, décor, furnishing and detailing, decided upon a 1,200mm x 600mm fixed flat rooflight by Roof Maker. Chosen for the sleek design which mostly consisted of glazing, to introduce as much natural light as possible.

“The rooflight is a fantastic feature in the Linhay, our guests have loved it – you can sit on the loo, look up through the branches of the oak trees and watch the buzzards swooping overhead. It also affords a lovely view of the Linhay’s gable end with ancient stonework & cedar soffits and fascias – a great contrast with the clean lines of the rooflight and the shower room. When first installed it brought so much light into the space that we kept thinking the builders had left the site lights on”.

All in all, with the help of a local architect, civil engineer, surveyor, ecologist, builder and carpenter, and of course the oak from the wood – the Linhay was lovingly brought back to life within 7 months. The project was completed within a budget of £50,000, including all fixtures, fittings and furnishings.

This is a story of a labour of love and a building that refused to fall down. A story that truly shows what can be accomplished when choosing restoration over demolition. Caroline and Nick already have exciting plans for more Butterhills-based projects in the future.

Are you considering buying a rooflight or roof lantern for your home? If you are, call Roof Maker on 0116 269 6297. Our rooflight experts will help you to choose the right solution for your needs. Alternatively, visit our showroom or get a quote online.

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Case Study | Cheltenham

October 1, 2018

Nestled in the regency spa of Cheltenham, Ruth Heslop’s Edwardian townhouse has undergone significant interior renovations to create a unique family home that really stands out from the crowd.

The three bedroom semi-detached property has been completely transformed in just six months. As a photographer Ruth has a creative eye and as such she managed the project from start to finish, overseeing the transformation from a simple terraced house to a stylish property.

Previously featuring a traditional and tired interior, Ruth completely gutted the house and added a single storey extension to the rear, which has created an open and adaptable kitchen with a final floor space of 4.52m x 4.04m.

As the heart of the home, Ruth wanted to renovate the old galley kitchen into a bright and spacious area. With this in mind, one of the key influences for the new kitchen was the ability to bring the outdoors in, which Ruth achieved with the innovative use of glazing.

She chose two custom size Luxlite™ pitched rooflights at 1.2m x 1m, from leading rooflight manufacturer Roof Maker. Once installed the rooflights worked in perfect harmony with the custom made box window to create a unique space within the rear wall.

Speaking of the renovation, Ruth said: “The old kitchen was extremely dark and narrow – I struggled to get a table into the space. That’s why it was so important to extend the area and create a kitchen where I could cook meals and enjoy the outdoor surroundings of the garden.

“I wanted to open the room up as much as possible, which led to me choosing Roof Maker’s Luxlite™ pitched rooflights. I was well acquainted with the traditional timber frame rooflights on the market, but I wanted something more contemporary, and Luxlite™ fitted the bill perfectly.”

As Luxlite™ enables up to 49 per cent more light to enter the room than traditional competitor rooflights, they flood Ruth’s kitchen with natural light, which combined with the bespoke box window, adds a real feel of the garden being an integral part of the space. The sleek aluminium frames are flush fitted against the white interior walls for a streamlined, contemporary finish that doesn’t detract from the natural beauty of outdoor space.

Ruth selected Roof Maker’s electronic opening range, which can be operated via a rocker switch on the wall, meaning Ruth can use the rooflights for ventilation when cooking. Or for thermal regulation on warm sunny days. The automatic rain sensor also provided her with the peace of mind that the rooflights would shut if it started to rain, whether she was in the property or not.

Roof Maker’s anti-glare glazing was also chosen to prevent any bleaching of the furniture and flooring in the kitchen. She chose the triple glazed option, which comes as standard, as this offered the greatest thermal efficiency, preventing any cold or hot spots from forming within the room to create a comfortable and constant environment.

Ruth finished: “My new kitchen is everything that I dreamed of when starting the renovation process, it really is the focal point of the property and a place where my personality really shines through. The use of glazing really opens up the space and provides the perfect viewpoint to enjoy the garden from.”

Find out more about the Luxlite™ on our website. Alternatively, call the Roof Maker team on 0116 269 6297 to find out how a rooflight could be best used in your project.

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Case Study | Solihull

September 18, 2018


Creating a bright, contemporary feel, whilst maintaining the original features and character of her 1900’s home was Layla Champion’s number one priority when she undertook a massive renovation of her semi-rural home in Solihull.

With her home dating back to the early 1900’s, homeowner Layla was passionate about retaining the property’s original features, including its beams and fireplaces, whilst also hoping to add a modern twist with a bright new, open plan layout.

Prior to the renovation, the kitchen was completely separate to the rest of the living area and was not an ideal layout for entertaining or flexible living. By knocking down two walls and removing the old oak fixtures and fittings, Layla was able to create an entirely open plan, downstairs living area that she can both entertain and relax in.

Speaking of the renovation, Layla said: “The renovation has completely transformed the living space in our home and how we use it. When we started out on the project it was really important that we create a modern, open plan space whilst staying true to the character of the house, retaining as many of its original features as possible. However, one of my big concerns was that the original layout of the house meant that the living area and original kitchen were both incredibly dark, with hardly any natural light and this was something I was really keen to address.

“I ideally wanted to flood the new space with lots of natural light to enhance the living area and reduce the amount of artificial lighting required. I also wanted the rooflights to blend in with the overall design. By installing three of Roof Maker’s Luxlite™ pitched rooflights we have allowed much more natural light to enter the space. The streamlined design and flush fit of the rooflights means we have managed to create a striking focal point rather than an eyesore in the room. The installation was also exceptionally straightforward and we didn’t require a crane, which made the whole process much simpler and cost-effective. ”

Roof Maker’s Luxlite™ allows up to 49 per cent more light to enter the room than competitor rooflights. By choosing the triple glazed option Layla also improved the thermal efficiency of her home as triple glazing prevents any cold or hot spots from forming within the room to ensure a comfortable temperature all year round.

Whilst the property was being renovated, Layla also decided to completely makeover the garden, creating a brand new outdoor entertainment area with a new slate patio. By adding bi-fold doors at the end of the kitchen, Layla also created a natural flow from inside out to the new garden area– making it the perfect area for versatile entertaining, indoors and out.

The transformation of the detached three-storey house was completed in just five months and Layla is delighted with the results.

“We have received so many compliments on the new spaces and people are amazed at the transformation, commenting on how welcoming and bright it is now.”

Find out more about the Luxlite™ on our website. Alternatively, call the Roof Maker team on 0116 269 6297 to find out how the lantern could be best used in your project.

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Case Study | Malvern Hills

September 1, 2018

When Worcester based architect Nick Carroll was approached to design a Passive House inspired home that would be built on the very cliff face of the Malvern Hills, he knew it would be a once in a lifetime project for its owners.

Boasting over 18km of sweeping hillside and woodland between Herefordshire and Worcestershire, the Malvern Hills is one of the most iconic landscapes of England’s countryside, offering uninterrupted views as far as the eye can see. With such impressive views it’s not hard to see why Worcester based architect, Nick Carroll, was approached by a client hoping to make the most of them by building a family home on the cliff face itself.

Aptly named ‘Old Hollow’, the property became a completely new challenge for homeowner, Jonathan Flewers, who had unusually never seen the plot before purchasing. A top priority for Jonathan was creating an energy efficiency space, after being heavily influenced by Passive House designs and the ecological principles it implements in a property.

The newly constructed, three-storey property features an ‘upside down’ design that maximises the sweeping views and abundance of natural light of the Malvern Hills, with living areas on the top floor and bedrooms comprising the lower floors. Designed to be spacious and family friendly, the living areas on the third floor are entirely open plan.

Speaking of the build, Nick said: “Our brief was to design a unique cliffside property that was founded upon the principles of Passive House design. To ensure we achieved the best results I took the client along to a Passive House training session. We used materials such as stone, timber and glass to achieve this. Most of the stone we used was recycled from the hill itself, which we obtained during the digging process when laying the foundations. All products were chosen especially for their thermal efficiency.”

Ensuring energy efficiency

The structure was insulated internally and externally with all walls, floors and ceilings thermally upgraded to achieve the greatest level of thermal performance possible. This was extended to the specification of rooflights and windows chosen, with Jonathan wanting to maximise as much natural light and ventilation into the property. To support the energy efficiency of the home, triple glazing was specified as standard. Roof Maker’s 2m x 1m fixed flat rooflight was specified to be installed above the stairwell, with its triple glazing supporting the energy efficient design of the property.

Nick commented, “Roof Maker’s fixed flat rooflight was specified for the feature stairwell to help flood it with natural light. With a U value of 0.8 on the triple glazing combined with aluminium frames that offered exceptional heat insulation, the product was in keeping with the build’s environmental ethos.

“The rooflight was fitted on a north facing hill, lighting the stairwell from the roof, complying with the Passive House design principles. The recommendation of the fixed flat rooflight prompted us to design the staircase differently so the natural light would fill the entire area”.

In total, the project took three years to complete, with Nick and Jonathan working closely together throughout the entire process to create a unique family home. From its upside down approach, to the layout in the cliff side and the ecological design principles, Old Hollow is a one of a kind property that will be part of the Flewers family for years to come.

Find out more about the fixed flat rooflight on our website. Alternatively, call the Roof Maker team on 0116 269 6297 to find out how a rooflight could be best used in your project.

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Case Study | Saltash

July 31, 2018

Contemporary family home in Saltash is bathed in natural light thanks to Roof Maker’s sleek Slimline® roof lantern


Roof Maker was approached by Neil Carroll who was looking to create his dream contemporary family home. The stunning project, designed with the help of celebrity architectural designer Charlie Luxton, was to be featured on the channel 4 television show Building The Dream.

With advice from Charlie Luxton, Carroll was aiming to create a family home that was both amazing and affordable. He oversaw the project from start to finish, beginning in December 2014 and completed in January 2017.

Roof Maker was asked to help bring the wow factor to the sunroom with their triple-glazed Slimline® roof lantern. They were tasked to install this rooflight in just one day.

The Slimline® roof lantern, officially the slimmest in the UK, successfully accomplished the frameless, modern look. With a Ug-value of only 0.7 w/m2k, it also helped to achieve an impressive thermal efficiency in the heavily glazed room.

Overall, the result is stunning from both the exterior and interior. The rooflight added to the 500mm alloy facia fitted to trim the flat roof. The interior is equally impressive, with grey, aluminium windows stretching across the two walls of the sunroom.

Find out more about the Slimline® lantern on our website. Alternatively, call the Roof Maker team on 0116 269 6297 to find out how the lantern could be best used in your project.

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